Vyzer Secures $6.3 Million in Seed Funding

Published 7 months ago

Digital wealth management platform, Vyzer, has successfully secured $6.3 million in seed funding. The round was led by various venture capitalists, angel investors, and family offices, including iAngels, Guy Gamzu, MonetaVC, Jonathan Kolber and Rafi Gidron.

Vyzer’s AI-Driven Wealth Management

Vyzer’s platform utilizes AI technology to transform data into wealth-building strategies. The platform grants investors access to a unified portfolio view, offering financial analysis, advanced planning, tracking, automated data management, insightful analytics, peer benchmarking, and forecasting. These services are all accessible through a single holistic dashboard.

The need for effective wealth management tools is increasingly crucial due to the largest anticipated wealth transfer in history. An estimated $68 trillion is expected to shift from baby boomers to their heirs. With over 22 millionaires in the U.S. alone, many from the younger, more tech-savvy generations, a comprehensive approach to wealth management has never been more urgent.

Addressing Investment Complexity

The task of managing sophisticated investment portfolios often presents a daunting challenge to individuals and families. Balancing multiple income streams, responding to capital calls, deciphering financial statements, and handling numerous public and private investments are just some of the complexities investors face. Vyzer’s AI-powered platform addresses these challenges, making wealth management services accessible by eliminating the need for high-cost models and financial advisors.

Vyzer goes beyond simply organizing and overseeing assets; it actively fosters their preservation and enhances portfolio growth potential. The platform provides an affordable alternative for investors put off by high fees of traditional wealth management services or those leaning towards a DIY approach but hindered by the limitations of spreadsheets.

Enhancing Platform Capabilities

Vyzer co-founder and CEO, Litan Yahav, states that this investment marks a significant milestone for the company, enabling them to enhance their platform and expand their reach. The funds will be used to improve the platform’s AI capabilities, develop new features, and broaden their market presence.

Vyzer’s solution stands out with its peer benchmarking tool, which utilizes the platform’s AI capabilities to provide clients with insights into investment strategies, fund managers, and similar investors’ activities. This allows users to make informed investment decisions and anticipate financial trajectories.

Shelly Hod Moyal, Founding Partner of iAngels, applauds Vyzer’s solution for providing investors with broad and transparent visibility into their portfolios. She notes that this enables investors to make informed and timely decisions and effectively scale their portfolios at an affordable cost.

Collaborating for Success

In a bid to provide added value to like-minded individuals, Vyzer is partnering with private investor communities such as Left Field Investors, Wealth Without Wall Street, GoBundance, and Private Investor Club. This collaboration aims to equip these communities with strategic tools and expertise to drive financial success.