Verestro Launches Money Transfers on Slack

Published 4 months ago

Verestro, a global fintech provider, has implemented a solution allowing swift money transfers and payment settlements on the business messaging platform, Slack.

About the Integration

The integration of Quicko Wallet’s money-transfer service with Slack has been successfully tested by Verestro. Quicko Wallet is a payment service offered by Quicko company.

The new feature is an innovative solution designed to cater to the needs of new generation consumers and employees of companies affiliated with Verestro. The service offers seamless transactions where users interact, making it possible to transfer money between employees communicating on Slack or reconcile business expenses.

Why Slack?

Verestro opted for the Slack platform due to its open API. This set of developer tools allows third-party services to integrate with Slack. Notably, Slack records over two million active users daily, mainly comprising young individuals open to embracing new technologies. Such a user base, combined with company cultures that support various forms of online interaction, makes Slack an ideal platform for integrating financial services.

Virtual Payment Cards

In addition to facilitating money transfers, the integrated service also allows employees to receive virtual payment cards. These can significantly streamline financial transactions.