Velo Payments Unveils Vizme, the First Visual P2P App Based on Open Banking

Published 6 months ago

Velo Payments has announced the launch of Vizme, a revolutionary visual payments app built on Open Banking. The app, designed for digital natives and those living in a cashless world, transforms each transaction into a narrative-rich experience.

Vizme: More Than a Payment App

John Partridge, the former President of Visa and current CEO of Velo Payments, described Vizme as a reimagining of the payment process. Rather than merely facilitating transactions, Vizme aims to create a deeper connection between users and their finances. This novel approach transforms each transaction into a story, enriching the user’s financial experience and promoting deeper financial understanding.

The Power of Open Banking

Vizme stands out due to its use of the secure Open Banking framework, which facilitates real-time bank-to-bank transfers. Its unique ‘visual’ approach turns each transaction into a reflection of the user’s identity, resonating with their personal story and values.

John Davies, Chief Technology Officer at Velo Payments, highlighted the groundbreaking aspect of Vizme’s technology. By melding Open Banking’s robust infrastructure with a visually engaging and intuitive interface, Vizme has transformed the act of payment into a visually immersive, personalised experience.

Vizme’s Availability and Future Plans

Vizme is currently available for pre-order on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, with an official launch planned for the end of the month. The highly anticipated app is set to change how users interact with their money, providing an unparalleled experience in today’s financial world.

In the upcoming year, Velo Payments plans to introduce ‘Vizme Business’. This service will extend the company’s innovative visual payment solutions to merchants, disrupting traditional transaction fee models with a flat-rate monthly subscription.

The Dawn of a New Financial Dialogue

Vizme seeks to redefine financial exchanges by incorporating visual stories into the app, transitioning from a payment mechanism to a platform of connection and storytelling.

Partridge concluded that Vizme is “the dawn of a new financial dialogue”. The app aims to create a new way of experiencing financial lives, crafting stories and building connections rather than just moving money.

About Vizme

Vizme, the world’s first visual payment app, is set to revolutionize the way the digital generation engages with money. Each payment becomes a narrative, making Vizme an essential tool for those who see financial interactions as more than just numerical exchanges. With its intuitive design and robust security measures, Vizme is ready to redefine the digital financial experience.