Tymit Recognized as an Innovative SME by Spanish Government

Published 7 months ago

London-based fintech company, Tymit, has been officially accredited as an Innovative Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) by the Spanish Government. This distinction acknowledges Tymit’s relentless pursuit of innovation in finance and further solidifies its position in reshaping the financial landscape.

Expansion in Spain

With a significant portion of Tymit’s workforce based in Spain, this recognition augments the company’s secondary hub. The Spanish team, primarily focused on design, tech, and product development, will provide a strong foundation for Tymit’s pursuit to expand its financial services across Europe.

The SME Innovator Seal

As an Innovative SME, Tymit now proudly carries the SME Innovator seal, symbolizing its commitment to pushing the boundaries in finance. The seal is valid for three years from the date of the resolution, mirroring Tymit’s long-term intention to drive industry innovation.

Groundbreaking Co-branded Instalment Credit Card Programs

Tymit has leveraged Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) innovation to develop co-branded instalment credit card programs, aiming to revolutionize retail payment solutions. The advanced product integrates with existing payment systems, offering a transparent and cost-effective payment solution tailored to the needs of retailers and larger partners.

Tymit’s technology provides real-time data, empowering businesses to understand their customers better, create targeted promotions, and build strong loyalty programs. With a robust security protocol in place, transaction security is assured. The company’s Open Banking technology also ensures a seamless user experience, further promoting responsible spending and driving brand loyalty.

A Journey Marked by Innovation

Tymit’s journey is marked by innovation, dedication, and the support of its users and partners. This award from the Spanish Government reinforces the company’s commitment to deliver cutting-edge solutions and enhance user experiences in the financial sector.