Themis Launches AI-Powered Chatbot for Anti-Financial Crime Platform

Published about 2 months ago

Themis, known for its innovative approach in combating financial crime, has recently launched a cutting-edge, AI-powered chatbot integration for its Anti-Money Laundering/ Know Your Customer (AML/KYC) platform.

Global Threat of Financial Crime

Financial crime poses a grave threat to global economies, with over a trillion dollars laundered annually to fund criminal organisations and terror networks. Traditional methods of combating financial crime are proving increasingly ineffective, particularly with the evolution and adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies by criminal entities.

AI: A Powerful Ally

Themis has long recognised the potential of AI in disrupting financial crime. Their AML/KYC platform utilizes AI to continuously improve its anti-financial crime software. However, mere technology is not sufficient to tackle financial crime. The application of technology to meet the needs of those fighting against financial crime is equally crucial.

Introducing the Themis AI Chatbot

Responding to the need for accessible technological solutions, Themis has introduced an AI chatbot for its financial crime platform. The chatbot provides instant, personalised support to users, making it the latest advancement in Themis’s mission to provide high-quality, affordable anti-financial crime software and services.

Key Features of the Chatbot

The Themis chatbot boasts 24/7 availability, providing customers with instant responses regardless of time zones or business hours. With advanced natural language processing capabilities, the chatbot delivers accurate responses promptly, enhancing customer satisfaction.

The chatbot is designed to provide personalised support. With machine learning algorithms, it learns from each interaction, tailoring assistance to individual customer needs and preferences. Moreover, the chatbot seamlessly connects users with ICA-qualified support agents, providing expert solutions to complex queries.

Additionally, the chatbot integrates with Themis’s Insight team, offering users access to world-leading research on emerging financial crime threats, AML training, and best practice guides.

Official Statements

Dickon Johnstone, Themis CEO, expressed his enthusiasm at the launch, saying the chatbot integration is a part of their ongoing commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. He believes that the power of AI will elevate the customer experience and set a new excellence standard in the industry.

Lizzie Stewart, Themis Head of Customer Success, emphasised that the chatbot integration underscores Themis’s dedication to being a customer-centric, expert-led organisation. She highlighted the need for an anti-financial crime partner, not just a technological solution for compliance.

The launch of the AI chatbot represents Themis’s ongoing efforts in fighting financial crime, combining innovative technology with a customer-focused approach.