Tandem Bank Opens New Office in London

Published 8 months ago

Tandem, a UK-based digital bank with a green focus, has opened a new office in London, reinforcing its commitment to the country’s fintech capital.

Expanding Tandem’s Green Portfolio

The new office is located at 10 Bloomsbury Way and features state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure that aligns with Tandem’s green initiatives. The move from a D EPC rating to a B EPC rating signifies another greener office space addition to the bank’s growing facilities portfolio.

The Bloomsbury Building will serve as the home base for the bank’s Marketing, Treasury, Risk, and Strategy teams. Its location within the city ensures proximity to broader professional services and fintech ecosystems.

A Milestone Move for Tandem

Tandem’s CEO, Alex Mollart, regards the relocation as a significant milestone for the company. The move follows a year of robust growth and the company’s first-ever underlying profit. Mollart expressed excitement about Tandem’s evolution and future prospects, including an ambitious roadmap of greener products and propositions.

While Tandem’s headquarters are in Blackpool, Mollart emphasized that London remains a critical location for the bank and the broader UK fintech scene. The new office is in the heart of this scene, allowing Tandem to continue supporting the growing fintech sector.

Hybrid Working Scheme and Greener Offerings

Despite the continuation of a hybrid working scheme, the new office will accommodate around 50 Tandem employees. It also offers hot desks for the bank’s 500 employees visiting from its four other sites or working remotely.

Tandem Bank, committed to benefiting customers and the planet, provides greener ways to save, borrow, spend, and share. Its product range includes low emission motor loans, lending for greener home improvements, EPC discount mortgages, and green savings. These offerings make it simpler for people to adopt a greener lifestyle, helping them save money while reducing their carbon footprints.