Stone.Co Announces Restructuring to Accelerate Integration and Become a 'Big Tech'

Published 7 months ago

Stone.Co, a Brazilian financial technology company, has announced a restructuring of its management model and organizational chart. This move is intended to align the company more effectively around its specific market strategies and customer segments, and to speed up the integration of its financial services solutions with software assets.

A Year of Transitions

The restructuring follows nearly a year after the departure of former CEO Thiago Piau, who led Stone.Co to its listing on Nasdaq. Piau was replaced by Pedro Zinner, who officially assumed the role in May. Also in May, Augusto Lins, who was Stone’s president, stepped down from his role and continues as a consultant.

According to Zinner, the strategic reorganization is a significant step towards placing customers at the center of Stone.Co’s business, fostering clearer responsibilities, improved outcomes, and more value delivery to clients.

New Leadership Structure

The company’s Financial Services business will now be led by three executives, each managing a specific customer segment. These executives will be part of the company’s Executive Committee and will report directly to CEO Pedro Zinner. Victor Lino will be responsible for the Micro Entrepreneurs segment, Mateus Biselli for the Small and Medium Enterprises segment, and Sandro Bassili for the Key Accounts segment.

Bassili will also oversee the Software business, managing the business and related integration initiatives with financial services. He brings extensive experience in managing teams and integration processes in complex organizations.

Operational Changes

Alongside these leadership changes, Stone.Co has announced other executives who will assume new responsibilities. They will be part of the company’s Executive Committee and report directly to the CEO. These include Fabio Kapitanovas, who will lead Operations, Shared Services, and People, and Lia Matos, who will take responsibility for Marketing.

Carolina da Costa will lead the company’s impact and sustainability fronts. She has over 22 years of experience in impact projects in education, health, and asset management. She will use her expertise to work alongside the company’s leaders on client education initiatives and promoting economic inclusion within the company’s broader ecosystem.

Executive Board Composition

Following these changes, Stone’s executive board includes only two women – Lia Matos and Carolina da Costa, serving as Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer and Chief of Impact & Sustainability Officer, respectively. The newly constituted Executive Committee comprises Pedro Zinner, Mateus Scherer, Fabio Kapitanovas, Marcus Fontoura, André Monteiro, Tatiana Malamud, Vinicius Carrasco, Victor Lino, Mateus Biselli, Sandro Bassili among others.