Stanchion Payments Appoints Pierre Aurel as CPO

Published 5 months ago
  Stanchion Payments

Stanchion Payments, a paytech solutions provider headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa, has recently announced Pierre Aurel as its new chief product officer (CPO).

Aurel’s New Role and Responsibilities

In his new role, Aurel’s main task would be to lead the company’s product organisation and innovation initiatives. The goal is to enhance customer experience across Stanchion Payments’ value chain. Stanchion Payments CEO, Steve Kirrage, highlighted the significant role that product development plays in the company’s plans to simplify complex payment processes.

Stanchion Payments and Their Services

Established in 2001, Stanchion Payments operates globally with branches in the UK, US, UAE, and Australia. The company offers a range of services, including SwitchCare, a managed service for augmenting payment processes, and its digital payments integration platform Verto. Under Kirrage’s leadership, the company is focusing on the use of apps and web portals to bring their technology closer to banking customers.

Aurel’s Industry Experience

Aurel brings valuable industry experience to his new role at Stanchion Payments. He has previously served as the head of payments and cryptography at Synthesis Software Technologies, a South Africa-based company. During his tenure at Synthesis, Aurel led the team that launched Africa’s first SoftPOS solution. He also held a leadership role at Synthesis’ Dutch subsidiary, Halo Dot, where he worked on the development of contactless payment systems.

Addressing Industry Challenges

Speaking about the industry challenges he plans to tackle in his new role, Aurel noted that managing system complexity whilst keeping payments simple for end users is a major challenge. As new payment methods such as real-time payments emerge, banks and payment providers are tasked with integrating these new methods while managing their existing complex environments.