Shieldpay Announces New Chief Technology Officer

Published 5 months ago

Shieldpay, a leading name in complex high-value B2B digital payments, recently revealed the appointment of Diji Adu as their new Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

About Diji Adu

Before his promotion, Adu served as Shieldpay’s Director of Technology, contributing over two decades of leadership and software development expertise to the role. His career history includes leading projects and managing teams at renowned financial institutions BlackRock, Goldman Sachs, and HSBC. At HSBC, Adu was instrumental in developing digital banking solutions.

Adu’s Focus as CTO

In his new capacity as CTO, Adu will concentrate on nurturing a high-performing technology function. This team is expected to be pivotal in helping Shieldpay achieve its goal of becoming the go-to solution for high-value, intricate corporate transactions. Adu’s innovative approach since joining Shieldpay in July has already positively influenced the company’s technology delivery and strategy and has brought a fresh energy to the team culture.

CEO’s Comments on Adu’s Appointment

Andrew Hawkins, CEO of UK & Europe at Shieldpay, praised Adu’s remarkable capabilities, acknowledging his immediate and profound impact since joining the company in July. He emphasized that Adu’s promotion underlines the company’s dedication to innovation and technology-first approach and expressed excitement about the transformative effect of Adu’s visionary leadership on Shieldpay’s growth.

Shieldpay’s Recent Appointments

Adu’s appointment as CTO coincides with Shieldpay’s ongoing efforts to strengthen its senior leadership team. Recently, the company welcomed Jerry Wozniak as its new Chief Information Security Officer. Wozniak, with prior experience at Zopa and Trainline in developing cybersecurity strategies, is expected to enhance Shieldpay’s ability to address the primary challenges its customers encounter while managing B2B transactions.