Seedrs Receives EU Authorization to Boost Equity Crowdfunding

Published 7 months ago

The private investment platform, Seedrs, has been granted authorization under new EU regulation designed to streamline equity crowdfunding. This new development allows Seedrs to operate in Ireland, where its EU headquarters are located, and primarily in the Nordics, Iberia, and the Netherlands.

Simplifying Investment Across Europe

In the past, investment platforms had to operate in European markets on a country-by-country basis, complying with complex and diverse rules regarding marketing and sales. The new EU-wide regulation aims to facilitate the support of startups and remove inefficiencies inherent in the previous process.

Seedrs’ Managing Director, Kirsty Grant, commented on the impact of this new regulation, stating it would enable the company to provide more effective support to the European startup ecosystem. She also expressed excitement over the potential for Seedrs and Republic to continue leading in building a globally democratized future of finance.

Seedrs’ Expanding Role

Seedrs, acquired by US private investment firm Republic for $100m last September, acts as the European arm of its business. The new regulation will broaden Seedrs’ capacity, which has aided companies across more than 20 European countries over the past decade, to assist even more startups.

Working with Republic, Seedrs has become the only platform that can facilitate a company to raise funds compliantly across the US, UK, and EU in a single campaign.

Seedrs CEO and Republic executive vice president, Jeff Kelisky, emphasized the significance of this new regulation. He noted that it simplifies the process and enhances the quality of offerings and services provided to their investor community.