Seattle Startup Tapp Finance Raises $300,000 to Democratize Wall Street Strategies

Published 6 months ago

Seattle-based startup, Tapp Finance, has successfully raised $300,000 to develop an app that aims to make Wall Street strategies accessible to everyday investors. The company was founded by Seattle entrepreneur Si Katara in February 2023.

Tapp Finance: Providing Tools for Everyday Investors

Tapp Finance offers tools that assist individuals in selling call options against shares they possess. This strategy allows investors to gather small amounts of premium income, with the risk being a potential surge in stock price beyond a call strike price.

Revenue and Future Plans

The startup earns revenue by imposing a 0.48% annual fee. After registering with the Securities and Exchange Commission in September, Tapp Finance has already rolled out two proof-of-concept applications this year. The company aims to introduce its first product in the early part of next year.

About the Founder

Prior to launching Tapp Finance, Si Katara co-founded HeadLight, a construction tech startup based in Seattle that started in 2005. Katara decided to leave the company last year. His new venture, Tapp Finance, aims to break down barriers to Wall Street strategies for everyday investors.