Samsung Introduces Trackable Credit Card in South Korea

Published 7 months ago

South Korean tech giant Samsung has partnered with KB Kookmin Card and American Express (AmEx) to release a new credit card. The innovative feature of this card is that it can be physically tracked using Samsung’s SmartThings Find IoT platform.

Leveraging IoT Technology for Financial Safety

The trackable Samsung American Express credit card is designed with SmartThings Find technology embedded within it. This advanced feature allows customers to connect the card to their Galaxy smartphones. They can then monitor the card’s location via Bluetooth Low Energy, regardless of whether they are at home or travelling abroad.

The technology also has the capability to alert users when the card is a certain distance away. This feature is designed to assist customers in the event of a lost or stolen wallet. Interestingly, it can also aid in locating a lost phone that is linked to the card.

Samsung’s move to integrate IoT capabilities in a credit card presents an innovative approach to enhance user convenience and financial security. The South Korean tech giant continues to expand its SmartThings ecosystem, providing customers with increasingly advanced and interconnected smart devices and services.