Parpera Brings 'Marketplace Banking' Model to Australia

Published 5 months ago

Parpera, a comprehensive financial solution provider, has launched the ground-breaking ‘Marketplace Banking’ model in Australia. This new service promises a more integrated financial experience for Australian businesses, offering more choices and convenience in a single app.

A Unified, Streamlined Financial Platform

The Parpera Marketplace Banking model breaks away from traditional banking models that often operate in isolation. Instead, it offers a unified platform that merges a variety of financial products and services, including banking and insurance.

One significant risk for businesses is underinsurance, which can leave them vulnerable to unforeseen circumstances. In order to mitigate this risk, Parpera has incorporated NRMA Insurance business policies into their app, providing businesses with easier access to insurance coverage.

A New Era of Collaboration in Financial Services

Daniel Cannizzaro, Founder and CEO of Parpera, sees the marketplace as an opportunity to reshape Australia’s financial landscape. By connecting banking, business financial management, and insurance, Parpera aims to provide an all-encompassing solution that caters to businesses’ needs while bolstering their financial future.

Cannizzaro believes the marketplace embodies the transformative potential of cross-sector collaboration in financial services. As the first of its kind in Australia, this model is expected to foster a more interconnected, efficient, and resilient financial ecosystem.

Adding Value with NRMA Insurance

NRMA Insurance is the inaugural partner to join the Parpera Marketplace. This collaboration will provide Parpera members with an array of insurance options for their business. Matthew Bennett, Executive General Manager at NRMA Insurance, expressed pride in partnering with Parpera to help more businesses protect themselves against unexpected incidents.

The Parpera Marketplace is available to all eligible Parpera members from today, and it can be accessed alongside existing Parpera App benefits at no extra cost. Sole traders or companies seeking business insurance solutions can access the NRMA insurance offer through the Parpera App today by opening a Parpera account.