Origin Unveils Comprehensive Personal Finance Platform

Published 5 months ago

Origin, a startup aiming to transform financial wellness, has introduced a pioneering personal finance platform. The platform provides a range of services including holistic tracking of net worth, AI-powered financial guidance, automated investing, tax filing, and estate planning, along with the option to consult with a Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP). This development comes in the wake of Mint’s closure by Intuit. Initially, Origin was exclusively available as an employee benefit. Now, it is open to every U.S. resident as a cost-effective, one-stop solution for financial matters.

Financial Stress and the Need for Accessible Advice

The current economic climate presents unique financial challenges, making money the primary stressor for many, above jobs, health, and relationships. Professional financial planning and guidance have traditionally been out of reach for most people due to high net-worth requirements and excessive annual fees. This lack of access is concerning as the majority of Americans are seeking financial advice but are unsure where to find it. The situation is further complicated as an increasing number of Gen Z individuals turn to platforms like TikTok for financial advice amidst a rise in online scams.

Addressing the Issue with Accessible Financial Planning

Origin aims to change the narrative by broadening access to financial planning, particularly for those who have been historically excluded due to high entry barriers. Vice President of Marketing at Origin, Alex Lavian, highlighted the company’s commitment to leading the conversation on financial wellness and equipping individuals with the tools to discuss money more comfortably.

Origin Founder and CEO, Matt Watson, echoed this sentiment, stating that Origin’s platform aims to ensure everyone has access to quality financial planning advice, irrespective of income or employment status. He also shared the company’s excitement about making the platform available to anyone seeking to manage and grow their money more efficiently.

Key Features of Origin’s Platform

Origin’s platform includes an AI-Powered Planner that provides real-time answers to personal finance queries via chat. The responses are tailored to each individual’s financial situation ensuring personalized guidance.

The platform also offers access to Origin’s Certified Financial Planners™ for an extra fee, providing users with an expert-built action plan.

In addition, Origin Invest enables automatic investing in low-cost, globally diversified portfolios designed to meet the specific needs, risk tolerance, and time horizon of each member. There are no advisory or brokerage fees and thematic portfolios are available for those interested in more aggressive investments.

Origin Tax simplifies the tax filing process by using optical character recognition (OCR) from uploaded documents to expedite data entry. It also provides access to tax specialists to assist members.

Finally, from 2024, Origin Estate Planning will allow members to create a full estate plan in under 20 minutes, thanks to the recent acquisition of MyAdvocate.

Origin has experienced rapid growth, more than doubling its revenues year over year, and has raised $70M from top VC funds to date. The company anticipates that making the platform available to all will enable many more people to take control of their finances and forge a better path forward.