Nubank Propels Tech Research at Brazilian Universities

Published 8 months ago

Nubank, one of Brazil’s leading digital financial platforms, has announced a partnership with several Brazilian Federal Universities. The collaboration, dubbed NuFuturo, is aimed at fostering technological innovation and enhancing careers in the tech sector.

Accelerating Tech Careers with NuFuturo

The NuFuturo initiative is designed to stimulate research within the spheres of technology and finance, and to examine the potential societal impacts of these fields. The scheme is currently running at the Federal Universities of Campina Grande (UFCG) and Bahia (UFBA and IFBA), with projects commencing at the start of the year.

Over 300 applications were submitted, resulting in more than 40 undergraduate and postgraduate students being chosen for an intensive 18-month program. The selected students, from Campina Grande (UFCG) and various cities in Bahia (UFBA/IFBA), will work on research projects and develop technological skills using systems and methodologies employed by Nubank, such as Clojure programming and data analysis.

Guilherme Vieira, Nubank’s ESG director, stated that the NuFuturo initiative was created to boost science and technology in Brazil, with the belief that investing in education can lead to societal change through professional training and practical problem-solving. The states of Bahia and Paraíba were selected for their regional talent and to expand Nubank’s investments beyond the Southeast axis.

Creating Spaces for Collaboration

To facilitate the NuFuturo projects, Nubank has constructed dedicated spaces within the partner universities. These areas are designed to enhance the experiences of both teachers and students, with adaptable environments, collaboration boards, and multimedia systems. These spaces are intended to embody the values of Nubank and the participating universities, such as fostering collaboration, diversity, and innovation.

Once the projects are complete, these locations will continue to be available for academic communities to work in and host group activities and events.

Current Projects and Future Aspirations

NuFuturo currently has four projects in development. With guidance from Nubank’s engineering and finance teams, and professors from UFCG, UFBA, and IFBA, students from diverse majors maintain direct contact with professionals to enhance their research.

The ongoing initiatives tackle a range of topics, including personal finance management, the development of tools to simplify financial processes for individuals, and information security. These projects highlight Nubank’s commitment to fostering innovation and practical problem-solving through education and collaboration.