Nomad Announces Strategic Partnership for New Credit Card Launch

Published 8 months ago

Nomad, Brazil’s largest digital card account and dollar investment solution provider, has announced a strategic partnership for its upcoming credit card launch in 2024. The new credit card aims to cater to customers with a global financial lifestyle.

Enhancing Global Financial Services

The partnership aims to further elevate Nomad’s business by expanding its portfolio of products and solutions through advanced technology. Nomad’s financial services, which are globally accessible to all Brazilians, include international cards, transfers, foreign exchange, and investments in the US market. The soon-to-be-launched credit card is expected to provide users with additional benefits such as exclusive discounts, loyalty programs, and installment payments.

Digital Journey with Nomad

Nomad’s users are set to embark on a completely digital journey, supported by a tokenisation solution. The user shopping experience will be further enhanced with the integration of digital wallets from Google and Apple Pay for contactless transactions. The entire user journey will be communicated in real-time, enabling new product offerings and an easy, fast, and intuitive self-service.

Aiming for Financial Democratization

According to Murilo Mascaro, Director of Product and Credit at Nomad, the credit card plays an important role in their value proposition and is expected to boost the global lives of millions of customers. Nomad is targeting a scalable and flexible solution to align with their mission of democratizing Brazilians’ access to the global financial market.

Furthermore, Daniel Rojtenberg, Commercial Director Brazil at Pomelo, sees the partnership as a union of two innovative companies offering financial services in a fast, flexible way with a strong focus on user experience. The innovative solution and expertise in the payments industry are expected to facilitate the integration of Nomad’s products.