Nigerian Government Partners with eGate and Visa for Digital Transformation

Published 5 months ago

The Nigerian government’s agency, NASDRA, has entered into a strategic partnership with eGate and Visa. The collaboration aims to bolster Nigeria’s digital infrastructure and offer citizens a digital identity along with unified payment cards.

Strengthening Nigeria’s Digital Economy

The tri-party memorandum of understanding (MOU) aligns with the Nigerian government’s strategy to harness digital technology in diversifying its economy and boosting GDP growth. The strategic partnership is designed to fortify Nigeria’s digital economy, leveraging Visa’s expansive global network, eGate’s prowess in digital transformations, and NASDRA’s innovative research capabilities.

The cooperation will concentrate on enhancing infrastructure, promoting financial inclusion, and creating innovative digital solutions for businesses and consumers. The initial implementation will encompass sectors such as healthcare, agriculture, and smart traffic system payments.

Aiming for Comprehensive Digital Transformation

Dr. Khalilu Ahmed, Director General of NASDRA, stated that the agreement fortifies the organization’s strategic blueprint for digital transformation and providing financial inclusion. He emphasized that the collaboration with Visa and eGate would ensure the delivery of advanced digital financial services, supporting the government’s agenda.

Essam Al-Saghir, Chairman of eGate, expressed that the agreement would empower the Nigerian government to offer new public and financial services using citizens’ digital identities and Visa’s payment solutions. He stated that the move towards digitizing services would help governments meet citizens’ expectations and demonstrate flexibility and efficiency.

Phased Implementation for Seamless Transition

The process will be implemented in phases. The first phase will introduce a unified digital identity for citizens. The subsequent phase will extend implementation into the healthcare, agriculture and smart traffic payment sectors. The remaining governmental services will follow successively.

A Commitment towards Economic Prosperity

Andrew Oboye, Vice President and Group Head at Visa West Africa, affirmed their commitment to bolstering the growth of the digital economy in Nigeria. He expressed his belief that the combined efforts can propel significant progress in digital transformation and financial inclusion. He highlighted sectors such as the ICT industry, healthcare, and agriculture as leading economic contributors to the country’s GDP. Oboye concluded by stating Visa’s goal to assist individuals and economies in prospering and their commitment to helping governments adopt technologies that achieve full digitization, financial operation efficiency, accountability, and improved delivery of citizen services.