A New Unified Crypto and Banking Solution for Gaming Firms

Published 8 months ago

Andria Evripidou, former Revolut executive and current Chief Banking Officer at Xace, has launched XDA.io, a unified solution for crypto and banking. The platform is designed with speed and efficiency in mind, aiming to provide easy access to crypto and payments for gaming firms of any license.

XDA.io: Bridging the Gap in the Market

The XDA.io platform aims to fill a significant gap in the market by accommodating all types of gaming licenses globally with one streamlined onboarding and compliance process. It is built to cater to the growing demand for a more user-friendly and accessible banking and cryptocurrency ecosystem within the gaming community.

International Vision and Notable Backing

XDA.io has launched with an international vision, backed by some of the world’s biggest correspondent banks and crypto liquidity providers. It brings a stable risk appetite to ensure an undisrupted service.

Swift Adoption by Crypto Casinos

In just a matter of days, the company has already secured some of the world’s largest crypto casinos as clients, offering industry-leading rates for OTC and a platform for liquidation, a seamless link to bank accounts with multiple currencies, and the ability to send money globally without limitation.

A Financial Platform for the Gaming Community

Evripidou expressed her excitement about the launch of XDA.io, highlighting the rapid adoption of crypto in gaming and the need for a financial platform that caters to the unique needs of both crypto and fiat accounts in a gaming-friendly environment.