Navan Brings 'Bring-Your-Own-Card' Technology to Europe

Published 5 months ago

Palo Alto-based fintech Navan, known for its all-in-one travel and expense solution, has announced plans to expand its ‘bring-your-own-card’ technology across Europe. The move is set to revolutionise the way businesses manage travel expenses.

Bridging the Gap Between Banks and Businesses

Navan’s technology combines AI with expense management, acting as a crucial link between banks and businesses. The system centralises expenses while allowing companies to continue working with their existing banking partners.

‘Navan Connect’, the fintech’s travel and expense solution, has gained popularity in the U.S and now aims to cater to the European market. The platform offers businesses a streamlined process for managing travel expenses. Navan Expense’s General Manager, Michael Sindicich, stated that the company’s ambition is to deliver smart solutions that help manage expenses worldwide.

A Global Reach

Navan’s solution is compatible with almost 250 global banks, ensuring a wide-ranging utility for multinational companies. This flexibility enables businesses to use their existing banks and cards while integrating Navan’s technology.

Transforming the Expense Management Experience

Prior to Navan’s solution, expense management was largely manual and time-consuming. With the help of Navan, businesses can now streamline the process. Testimonials from users like Victoria Tuong, Senior Talent Acquisition Partner at Sumup, indicate that Navan’s all-in-one solution has led to “significant time savings”, managing all trips and expenses on a single platform.

In conclusion, Navan’s expansion into Europe presents an opportunity for businesses to revolutionise their expense management strategies. With its innovative ‘bring-your-own-card’ technology, Navan is poised to set a new standard in travel and expense management.