mogul club: A New Startup Revolutionizing Real Estate Investment

Published 7 months ago

The dream of owning rental properties remains elusive for many Americans due to the challenges associated with affording and selecting suitable investments in single-family homes. mogul club, a Washington D.C-based startup, aims to ease these challenges and democratize the process of becoming a landlord.

mogul club: Bridging the Gap in Real Estate Investment

mogul club is the brainchild of two former Goldman Sachs real estate investors, Alex Blackwood and Joey Gumataotao. With a total of $4.2 million in funding, $3.6 million of which was garnered in a recent seed round, the company is making its public debut. It joins a growing list of startups, such as Arrived, Fintor, and Fractional, that are striving to transform the real estate investment landscape.

As a fractional real estate investment platform, mogul club differentiates itself by leveraging blockchain technology, which the CEO, Alex Blackwood, claims enhances efficiency. Furthermore, the founders’ experience at Goldman Sachs equips them with a knack for identifying properties with high investment potential and likely higher returns.

A Rigorous Investment Process

The startup adopts a meticulous approach to property selection. Each property listed on its platform undergoes rigorous scrutiny, comparable to that exercised by institutional-level investors. This stringent process implies that less than 1% of properties offered to the company, both on and off the market, qualify for listing on its platform.

Previous successful investments include a property that appreciated by 34% in just two years and another that was appraised significantly above the purchase price within two months of acquisition.

Commitment to Transparency and Community

mogul club shares all legal documentation to ensure transparency in the investment process. Blackwood asserts that the information provided for each property surpasses the details typically disclosed during an Investment Committee at Goldman Sachs. The company also boasts of some of the lowest fees among its competitors.

Investors on the platform can apply for membership into the “mogul club”, a community of investors that offers quarterly in-person events and masterclasses. As it launches to the public, mogul club has been primarily focused on the supply side, establishing relationships with inventory partners. The startup begins its public operations with approximately $2.5 million worth of assets, an amount expected to grow.

The innovative approach of mogul club is redefining the real estate investment landscape by making the dream of becoming a landlord more attainable for a wider population.