Mesfix Unveils New Crowdfactoring Investment Model

Published 3 months ago
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Colombian fintech leader, Mesfix, has launched a crowdfactoring investment model, Mesfix by Plataform, aimed at redefining financial rules and allowing companies to invest in other companies’ invoices. Felipe Tascón, CEO of Mesfix, explains that their platform serves as a bridge connecting Colombian companies selling their invoices with legal entities or individuals interested in purchasing them. This model allows risk diversification and potentially yields returns of up to 30% per annum.

How it Works

Unlike other investment platforms, companies can choose how much they want to invest, the return period, and even diversify risks by investing varying amounts in different invoices. Moreover, before committing the investment, companies will know the potential returns once the return period lapses.

Benefits and Risks

One of the significant advantages for investing companies is the option to invest through a Collective Investment Fund (FIC), saving them from a 4xmil charge regardless of the amount. While the company can also invest through a bank account, the FIC serves as a straightforward and quick alternative payment method with the added benefit of saving the 4xmil charge.

But as with any platform, there are associated risks. Before taking the first investment step, each company should read and accept the potential risks associated with investing on the platform and how they are mitigated. This approach, adopted by Mesfix by Plataform, serves as a financial education mechanism, ensuring that each company makes an informed decision before investing.

The easiest way to minimize risk in this crowdfactoring model is through diversification. In simpler terms, it is advisable not to put all eggs in one basket.

In Summary

This investment model, coupled with high returns, has led to investor companies investing nearly $11,000 million in invoice purchases in 2023 alone. As of now, Mesfix by Plataform has over 150 registered companies on its platform.

Owing to its business model, Mesfix has facilitated the financing of over 1,475 Colombian companies from various economic sectors, amounting to nearly $500,000 million.