Lorenz Jüngling Promoted to Co-CEO at Moonfare

Published 8 months ago

Lorenz Jüngling, former managing director, chief operating officer, and chief financial officer at Moonfare, has been promoted to co-CEO. He will hold this position alongside the firm’s founder, chairman, and current CEO, Steffen Pauls.

Jüngling’s Role at Moonfare

Jüngling joined the private equity investment platform in 2019. He currently supervises the company’s research and development, finance, operations, and compliance functions. Prior to Moonfare, Jüngling held the position of chief financial officer at fintech unicorn N26.

Mutual Respect and Shared Values

Pauls expressed his respect, trust, and friendship for Jüngling, highlighting his intelligence, broad perspective, and entrepreneurial approach. He believes that Jüngling’s promotion will result in significant efficiencies and contribute to the next phase of Moonfare’s growth.

In turn, Jüngling also spoke highly of Pauls, noting that while they possess complementary skillsets, they share the same values. Both believe in leaving the world in a better state through making high-quality investment opportunities accessible to their customers.

A Natural Fit for Moonfare

Pauls described the transition to a co-CEO model as a “natural fit” for Moonfare. He sees clear opportunities to unlock value from the new structure, which aligns with the way Moonfare operates as a team and a company.