Krealo Invests in Colombian Startup Plurall to Boost Financial Inclusion

Published 7 months ago

Krealo, the Corporate Venture Capital of Credicorp Group, has announced its investment in the Colombian startup Plurall. Plurall, which offers a digital product ecosystem with financial solutions for micro-entrepreneurs, has received investment from Krealo to boost financial inclusion among entrepreneurs across different sectors and territories.

Plurall’s Drive for Financial Inclusion

Plurall aims to provide entrepreneurs with access to Productive Capital Work credits (microcredits) in a dynamic way. It also offers a 100% digital account and a debit card enabling interest-free transactions. Plurall distinguishes itself from the existing market by utilizing data and artificial intelligence through its proprietary platform. This approach allows Plurall to evaluate and approve credits specifically based on the needs and capabilities of each of its clients.

The Impact of Krealo’s Investment

Krealo’s investment in Plurall is driven by the team Plurall has managed to build and its mission to serve the region’s micro-stores with a digital business model, leveraging disruptive technologies and models. Adolfo Vinatea, CEO of Krealo, hopes this investment will sow synergies benefiting both Plurall and Credicorp. He further added that the investment is aimed at providing strategic value to the group, bolstering its current businesses, entering new verticals or markets, and exploring innovative technologies to enable new business models.

Growth of Plurall

Federico Gómez, Co-founder and CEO of Plurall, expressed pride in having Krealo, a significant and representative ally in Latin America, as a partner. He emphasized that Krealo’s support would enhance Plurall’s growth process in Colombia and extend their product to many more entrepreneurs. The partnership with Krealo, a highly experienced ally, adds invaluable value to the Plurall team.