Klarna Transfers 500 Jobs to Two Other Companies

Published 6 months ago

Swedish payments company, Klarna, is outsourcing approximately 500 roles in customer services and operations to two other companies, according to company documents. The countries impacted by this move include Australia, Finland, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, the UK, and the US.

Second Round of Outsourcing

This development follows Klarna’s announcement in August of outsourcing 250 roles in customer service in Sweden and Germany to Foundever, a Miami-based company specializing in customer services.

The decision to initiate a second round of outsourcing was communicated to the affected staff recently. Employees have been given just over a month’s notice before the transition takes place.

Reactions to the Move

The announcement led to confusion among employees, with several uncertainties about the changes. One employee expressed frustration at the lack of clarity and unanswered questions.

Transition Details

The transition of roles will commence once consultations with unions in some markets are concluded. The departments affected by this move include Anti-Money Laundering & Counter Terrorist Financing, Customer Service, Partner Operations & Product, User Account & Fraud Prevention, and Payment Methods.

Foundever will accommodate the customer service personnel, while management consultancy firm Accenture will assume the financial crime prevention roles.

Compensation and Feedback

Employees who accept the new job offer will receive a bonus equivalent to two months’ pay. Although the shift is optional, those who decline will no longer have a position at Klarna.

In a document sighted, Klarna stated that previously outsourced customer-service staff reported a positive shift in work culture and new growth opportunities. The company believes that this move allows it to focus on its core strengths and improve functions that it hasn’t been able to fully nurture, support, and innovate.