Kapital Acquires Banco Autofin México to Bolster Financial Tech Solutions

Published 8 months ago

Mexican technology platform, Kapital, known for strengthening businesses through tech financial solutions, has acquired Banco Autofin México S.A. (BAM). BAM is a multi-banking institution that primarily serves retail and SME markets.

Aiming for an Innovative, Digital Financial Market

The acquisition of BAM will allow Kapital to offer cutting-edge technological experiences with tangible benefits for its users. These include a variety of products such as credit cards, automatic investments, and artificial intelligence solutions.

Kapital also aims to bolster its digital channels, including its web portal and app. The goal is to significantly improve service quality for its customers by transforming some of its branches into the Kapital House concept, which offers free coworking spaces with specialized wealth executives.

Transforming Portfolio and Shaping the Market

René Saúl, CEO of Kapital, said the acquisition is not just about creating products, but about creating opportunities. “With the acquisition of Banco Autofin México, Kapital not only transforms its portfolio but also shapes a more innovative, digital, and people-centric financial market,” he added.

Approval Subject to Financial Authorities

The acquisition is subject to the approval of Mexican financial authorities such as CNBV. It will add to the new ecosystem of Fintechs + Bank, allowing Kapital + BAM to create and serve new markets characterized by their digital vocation.

Carlos Septién, who will continue to lead the bank, commented that the capital injection strengthens the bank’s finances and enhances its range of products with cutting-edge technology in branches, online services, and artificial intelligence solutions.

Preserving BAM’s Vocation

Kapital’s strategy is to preserve BAM’s vocation as an outstanding automotive financing channel, a product that will complete the business portfolio under a permanent alliance with Grupo Autofin. This sets it apart from simply creating new products to creating new markets.

Promoting Cashless Transaction

As a result of this acquisition, Kapital will allocate significant resources to talent and technology. This will promote the natural adoption of payment methods over cash, enabling widespread resource capture from all sectors of the population and the economy nationwide.

Inclusion and Sustainable Growth

Since its foundation, Kapital has added growth to its portfolio with openings in other countries such as Colombia and soon Peru. It offers a wide variety of digital financial products for better resource optimization. In addition to simplifying access to smarter finances, Kapital aims to increase financial inclusion and accelerate sustainable business and individual growth.