Juros Baixos Launches Credit Marketplace API

Published 6 months ago
  Juros Baixos

The fintech Juros Baixos has announced the launch of a credit marketplace API (Application Programming Interface). This new offering is already being utilized by startups from the Joint Venture created between Boa Vista Serviços and Red Ventures, namely Acordo Certo, Iq, and Consumidor Positivo.

Facilitating Credit Offerings

The API is designed to facilitate credit offerings for companies in various sectors with a large customer base. With a single integration and an enhanced credit experience, businesses can streamline their operations. Juros Baixos affirms that the solution provides a portfolio of personal credit products and access to over 25 credit institutions, improving company efficiency and customer satisfaction with customized and instant credit options.

A New Revenue Stream

The new API is aimed at companies that already have a large customer base and are seeking to explore the credit sector as a new revenue vertical.

Investment Drive

In addition to launching the API, Juros Baixos is also in the process of seeking investments on the MB Startups platform, with a goal of raising a minimum of R$ 804.4 thousand by March 15, 2024.

Praise from Collaborators

Fernando Iodice, Vice President of Red Ventures in Brazil and CEO of Acordo Certo, praises the new API, stating it allows for quick adaptation of essential credit services, crucial for the sector’s recovery and advancement. Meanwhile, Guilherme Nasser, CEO of Juros Baixos, emphasizes the ease of integration and the potential to increase customer satisfaction with personalized and instant credit options.