Joust And Lendela Join Forces to Reinvent Personal Loans

Published 7 months ago

In a bid to revolutionize the personal loans market, the leading online home loan marketplace Joust has announced its partnership with Lendela, a key player in the personal loans industry. This strategic move is intended to enhance the financial journey of Australians.

Transforming the Home Loan Market

Joust is known for its innovative approach to home loans. The platform uses a transparent, competitive process to connect borrowers with suitable lenders and brokers. Through Joust’s services, Australians have been able to save thousands of dollars by securing the most competitive home loan rates, tailor-made to their individual profiles.

Reinventing Personal Loans

Lendela operates a unique reverse auction model for personal loans, mirroring Joust’s approach to home loans. This model enables consumers to receive multiple loan offers with a single application, free of charge and without hidden fees. This system simplifies the process for consumers looking to secure the personal loan they need.

Synergy and Innovation

Joust’s CEO, Carl Hammerschmidt, expressed excitement about the partnership, noting the synergy between the Joust and Lendela platforms. “With consumers frequently navigating between the home loan and personal loan journeys, this partnership adds tremendous value to both businesses’ services,” he stated.

Hammerschmidt also pointed out that Joust has always been at the forefront of innovation. The company sees joining forces with Lendela as a way to revolutionize the world of personal loans.

Empowering Australians on their Financial Journey

The partnership between Joust and Lendela aims to simplify the lending process further, empowering more Australians on their financial journey. By combining their unique approaches, they aim to extend their support beyond home loans, offering new possibilities for growth.