ICICI Bank Canada Launches 'Money2India (Canada)' App

Published 6 months ago

ICICI Bank Canada, a subsidiary of ICICI Bank Limited, has announced the release of its mobile banking app, ‘Money2India (Canada)’.

The new application allows customers from any bank in Canada to transfer money instantly and at any time to any bank in India, without needing to open an account with ICICI Bank Canada. Customers can utilize their Visa or Mastercard debit cards to send funds via the app. The app offers the ability to transfer a single transaction up to CAD 30,000, with a confirmed exchange rate.

ICICI Bank customers can also set up future dated and recurring transfers to recipients in India at a defined frequency using the app.

Entering the Canadian Remittance Market

The launch of the ‘Money2India (Canada)’ app signifies ICICI Bank Canada’s entry into the Canadian remittance market. The app adheres to the latest security standards for digital channels, including two-factor authentication with a dynamic One-Time-Password (OTP) for added security.

Vikash Sharma, President & CEO of ICICI Bank Canada said that the bank is dedicated to leveraging the latest technology to offer new and improved digital banking solutions. The ‘Money2India (Canada)’ app is a reflection of their commitment to provide users with a convenient and enriched experience.

App Features and How to Use

The ‘Money2India (Canada)’ app includes features such as digital identity verification, the ability to set future dated or recurring transfers, instant addition of beneficiaries, and regular updates and tracking of transactions.

To use the app, customers need to download ‘Money2India (Canada)’ from the Play Store or App Store, sign up or login, add a beneficiary instantly, and enter a request to send money to India. Customers then review the request and confirm OTP, after which the amount will be sent to the beneficiary’s account.