Hextar Launches Fintech Super-App MoneyX

Published 7 months ago

Malaysian company Hextar Technologies Solutions Bhd (HexTech) has launched its new fintech super-app, MoneyX, through its wholly-owned fintech unit, Hextar Vision Sdn Bhd.

MoneyX: A One-Stop Financial Management App

MoneyX is designed to simplify personal finance. The app uses artificial intelligence tools to provide accessible and easily understandable financial information. The app’s features aim to promote financial literacy and management.

HexTech’s group CEO and executive director Datuk Eddie Ong Choo Meng described the app as a game-changer for managing finances. He stated that MoneyX tackles the issue of unorganised financial management and simplifies the often confusing array of financial products available.

Hextar’s Vision for MoneyX

HexTech has significant ambitions for MoneyX, with the aim of becoming the leading fintech company in Malaysia within the next three years. The company has allocated RM100 million for the development and promotion of MoneyX.

Features and Partnerships of MoneyX

The app includes a secure digital vault for storing important documents like bills, insurance policies, and agreements. There is also a reminder/notification feature that alerts users of upcoming payments or renewal deadlines.

In addition to its features, Hextar Vision has announced partnerships with 14 companies, including Alliance Bank Malaysia, Hong Leong Bank, and Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia, to aggregate their services on MoneyX.

Future Plans

Hextar Vision aims to have one million users adopt MoneyX as their financial information management platform by next year. The company plans to enhance the app with full integration of all key potential features by the end of 2024.

The app, which uses Amazon Web Service for automated financial information management, is currently available for download on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.