GoPass Raises $15M in Funding Round Led by Kaszek Ventures

Published 8 months ago

GoPass, a comprehensive payment ecosystem for toll booths, gas stations, car wash services, and more, has secured $15M in a funding round led by Kaszek Ventures. The funds are set to enhance the digitization of payments at toll booth lots and boost the firm’s client acquisition efforts.

Revolutionizing Colombian Mobility

Jorge Camacho, the co-founder and CEO of GoPass, stated that the company is set to invest in new mobility solutions, aiming to transform how Colombians travel. By expanding their services nationwide, GoPass hopes to become more accessible to the population.

A Growing Presence

Currently, GoPass operates in 126 out of 178 toll booths in Colombia, processing six million transactions in the first half of 2023 and serving 350,000 cars and trucks. In addition to toll booths, the company’s platform also manages payments for Terpel gas stations, towing services, self-service commerce, and other services, thereby creating an all-encompassing ecosystem.

Future Goals

With a long-term vision, GoPass plans to introduce additional features to its ecosystem in the coming months. By 2024, the firm aims to reach 800 service points and process 70 million transactions. This growth strategy puts GoPass in a favorable position against local competitors such as Flypass and FacilPass, which also process toll booth payments.

Camacho explained that the government encourages these payment solutions as they foster efficiency, speed, and safety on the roads. The new funding round will further enable GoPass to realize their ambitious plans and continue revolutionizing mobility in Colombia.