Fintech Startup, Native Teams, Expands to Over 55 Countries

Published 8 months ago

Global expansion, employment, and payments are becoming simpler with the rapid growth and development of fintech startup, Native Teams. Founded in 2020 by a group of experienced entrepreneurs and freelancers, the company now operates in over 55 countries, transforming how businesses and independent workers manage remote work relationships.

Native Teams started as an idea in 2018, borne out of the founders’ personal struggles in the remote work and freelance industry. The startup launched its platform in 2020, quickly gaining traction and expanding its reach to Europe, North and South America, the Balkans, Asia, and Australia. The company’s tax and legal teams now include over 150 individuals spread across its operational countries.

The Vision of Native Teams

Jack Thorogood, the Founder and CEO of Native Teams, described the company’s goal as becoming a ‘Shopify for Employment’. The platform offers a comprehensive set of tools to simplify the complicated landscape of global expansion, employment, and payments. Native Teams aims to redefine work payments and local employment, leveraging the founders’ personal experiences to streamline remote work processes.

Understanding Native Teams

Native Teams is at the forefront of remote work management. Their platform serves as a comprehensive solution, revolutionising how businesses and freelancers handle employment status, tax frameworks, and payment processing. By taking care of the paperwork, Native Teams allows its users to focus on their core work.

Services Offered by Native Teams

In the growing sphere of remote work, Native Teams offers simplified solutions for freelancers and employers.

For Individuals

Freelancers can now navigate the complex world of independent employment with the help of Native Teams. With a presence in over 55 countries, the platform helps freelancers obtain legal employment status, manage payments and invoices, calculate and optimise taxes, and even provides a multi-currency digital wallet.

For Businesses

Native Teams eases the administrative burden for businesses looking to grow on the global market. By acting as a legal employer, Native Teams allows organisations to hire professionals and offer compliant employment contracts without setting up legal entities. The platform also enables employers to manage global payroll, taxes, and benefits for their employees.

What Sets Native Teams Apart?

Native Teams’ unique advantage comes from its roots - it was born from a genuine need, not market analysis. The founders’ own experiences with remote work led to a profound understanding of the issues faced by employees, remote workers, and freelancers.

The company also benefits from its strategically distributed teams across the globe, providing local insights, market-specific understanding, and round-the-clock support to users.

Future Plans for Native Teams

Native Teams is still at the beginning of its journey to reshape employment and remuneration. The startup plans to continue expanding, with a focus on simplifying the global expansion process and allowing employers, employees, and individuals to focus on their work without the burden of complex administration.

Jack Thorogood outlined Native Teams’ future endeavours, saying, “Our goal is to be like a ‘Shopify for Employment’, giving employers the full basket of tools they need to employ people well. For employees, we simply want to be the best place for them to receive their payments for work.”

By offering a user-friendly platform that handles the complexities of remote work, Native Teams is paving the way for businesses and independent workers in a world where teamwork and connection define success.