Fintech Platform Floww Introduces FlowwFunds to Simplify Venture Capital Fund Management

Published 5 months ago

Fintech platform and fund management innovator, Floww, has launched FlowwFunds, a comprehensive tool designed to streamline venture capital fund management. This new solution addresses the challenges faced by venture capital, primarily around the structuring, raising, and deployment of funds.

A Solution for Venture Capital Challenges

FlowwFunds offers a way to simplify fund structuring, raising, and deployment, by integrating all these processes into a single platform. This allows venture firms to focus on their primary objective – identifying and investing in promising businesses and delivering returns to Limited Partners (LPs).

Venture firms often dedicate a significant amount of resources to fundraising and fund management, leaving them with little time to focus on their key objectives. FlowwFunds aims to alleviate these challenges and provide a more efficient and streamlined approach to fund management.

Floww Certificates: A Game-Changing Approach

A defining feature of FlowwFunds is the use of Floww Certificates, globally tradable instruments designed to increase liquidity and readiness for secondary markets. This innovative approach is expected to bring about greater transparency, efficiency, and accessibility in venture capital fund management.

Floww Certificates offer an efficient avenue for structuring, raising, and deploying capital. They also provide increased liquidity for investors while retaining tax benefits.

Full-Stack Solution for Fund Management

FlowwFunds is a full-stack solution, leveraging the latest in SaaS technology and Floww’s expertise in fund structuring and management. It eliminates administrative hassle by providing a single, streamlined platform for venture capital funds.

This innovative structure integrates secondaries by design to facilitate greater liquidity using Floww Certificates. This allows for the creation of new types of funds and a more attractive asset class with flexible, shorter lock-up periods.

Benefit for Pension Funds

FlowwFunds also addresses compatibility issues between pension funds and venture capital. It offers the pension industry a simpler way to allocate into venture capital funds, promoting access to a wide range of sectors with granular insight and robust governance framework for capital deployment and tracking.

Force Over Mass, an early adopter of the platform, is among the first venture capital firms to raise two funds on the FlowwFunds platform, emphasizing its focus on B2B tech startups.

Floww’s Broader Mission

Floww’s broader mission is to reboot and rewire private markets by building an integrated infrastructure to support a new generation of ambitious entrepreneurs and investors. Brands recently raising on Floww include SuperFi, PubX, and Careless Insurance.

Overall, the launch of FlowwFunds is set to bring about significant changes and improvements in the management of venture capital funds, tackling longstanding challenges within the industry.