dLocal and eSky Group Expand Partnership to Boost Payment Solutions in LATAM and Africa

Published 8 months ago

dLocal, a leading cross-border payment platform, and eSky Group, a prominent travel platform owner in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), have announced plans to extend their successful collaboration. This expansion aims to enhance the delivery of top-tier payment solutions in the vibrant markets of Latin America and Africa.

Prioritizing Efficient Payment Process

The partnership between the two companies started in 2021, focusing on creating an efficient payment process that redefines industry standards for speed and reliability. This joint effort has significantly improved the payment experience in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, and South Africa. The collaboration hinges on local acquiring, a strategy that has led to lower processing costs, faster settlements, and improved customer support, thereby ensuring higher authorization rates for customers in these countries.

Grzegorz Kwiecien, COO of eSky Group, lauded the partnership, highlighting the achievements made in enhancing the payment process and boosting authorization rates. He commended dLocal for their exceptional customer service and support, which has been instrumental in setting them apart in the industry.

Streamlining Refunds and Elevating Customer Experience

Beyond increased authorization rates, the partnership’s success also lies in the improved payment processing, which has streamlined refunds and elevated the overall customer experience. Both dLocal and eSky Group place a high priority on customer satisfaction in their collaboration.

Looking Towards a Promising Future

The partnership is expected to introduce installment payment options and additional alternative payment methods (APM) in the future. These innovations aim to meet the evolving needs of their customers and further consolidate dLocal and eSky Group’s position as industry leaders in LATAM and Africa.

John O’Brien, CRO at dLocal, expressed excitement about reaching new milestones with eSky Group, emphasizing how local payment solutions have improved authorization rates and laid a strong foundation for growth.

This partnership exemplifies how collaboration and innovation in payment processing can yield significant results. By prioritizing local acquiring, both dLocal and eSky have improved the customer experience and paved the way for further growth and success in these dynamic markets.

About eSky Group

The eSky Group, a leader in Central and Eastern Europe, owns a travel booking platform and is a key player in South American markets. The company offers its services in more than 50 countries, providing a comprehensive one-stop shop in the travel and leisure category. In 2022, the eSky Group recorded an EBITDA result of more than EUR 19.6 million, a record in its history. The eSky Group is a member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) group of agents.