DKK Partners Closes £3M Pre-seed Funding Round

Published 9 months ago

DKK Partners, a Frontier Markets FinTech firm specializing in emerging markets and foreign exchange liquidity, has successfully closed its pre-seed funding round, raising a total of £3 million. This achievement marks a significant step in the company’s mission to democratize access to the FX liquidity sector.

Exceeding Initial Target by 33%

The London-based firm surpassed its initial funding target by 33%, a clear indication of investor confidence in its business model and growth potential. The funding round has helped solidify DKK Partners’ pre-money valuation at roughly £100 million, reflecting its record revenue growth over the past 3.5 years.

Driving Expansion Opportunities

This recent funding will propel DKK Partners’ expansion efforts in the coming years. The company has already demonstrated its commitment to growth with its recent move into East Africa. The opening of new offices in Nairobi, Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania show the firm’s determination to increase its presence in emerging markets.

CONSUMAF License Supports African Operations

To support its expansion efforts in Africa, DKK Partners has successfully obtained the CONSUMAF license. This will accelerate its financial services operations in the continent and help provide the necessary financial services to businesses and financial institutions there.

Co-founders’ Vision for DKK Partners

Co-founders Khalid Talukder and Dominic Duru expressed their optimism about DKK Partners’ future. Talukder noted the value of the support that the company has received over the years and underscored the firm’s commitment to improving global trade by enhancing the FX and payments sector.

Duru, on the other hand, emphasized how the pre-seed funding will strengthen the company’s balance sheet. This will allow for investment in additional compliance and technology, which will drive efficiency and distribution of their products and services. As DKK Partners continues to scale up and expand operations, the goal remains to provide high-quality FX and payments services, making trading in key markets, such as Africa, easier.

Both co-founders expressed their hope to further disrupt markets and liberate a new generation of companies, from ambitious startups to established corporates, by providing clear strategies, managing currency risk, and developing sharp pricing.