Dave Inc. Joins American Fintech Council

Published about 2 months ago

Dave Inc., a leading neobank in the U.S., announced its membership in the American Fintech Council (AFC), an industry association that represents responsible fintech companies and innovative banks.

Promoting Inclusive Digital Banking

With its new membership, Dave plans to push fintech innovation further, focusing on creating inclusive digital banking services and products for consumers who are underserved by traditional banks.

In a statement, Phil Goldfeder, CEO of the American Fintech Council, said, “Our members are setting the standard for the responsible use of innovation to increase competition in financial services that improves access for families long forgotten by traditional financial institutions”. He commended Dave for leading by example and democratizing financial services with fair, transparent, and equitable services.

Working Towards Accessible Financial Solutions

Jason Wilk, CEO and founder of Dave, expressed the company’s pride in joining an association that prioritizes financial inclusion and responsible banking. He pointed out that fintech was born out of the need for traditional banking to keep up with the needs of American consumers.

The company plans to be an essential voice in supporting the development of transparent and consistent regulatory frameworks for the fintech industry. Dave also hopes to advance the dialogue on access to banking and short-term credit, inclusive finance, and regulatory compliance.

Dave’s Contribution to Financial Inclusion

Since 2016, Dave has been a leader in providing short-term liquidity to consumers to cover expenses between paychecks. The company is committed to offering a comprehensive and accessible banking experience, regardless of a person’s income.

The AFC collaborates with policymakers and regulators to develop unified approaches to regulation. They encourage the creation of a modern regulatory framework that provides access to financial services without compromising compliance or consumer protection. The AFC consistently lobbies for issues crucial to developing a more inclusive financial services industry, including improved data sharing, the development of an open banking ecosystem, and the expansion of innovation efforts that allow consumers to lead their best financial lives.