Comma App Set to Close Following Acquisition by Weavr

Published 9 months ago

In March, Weavr acquired financial services platform Comma. The two companies, which share a mission to simplify business access to financial services, are now consolidating their resources.

Payments, they believe, should be effortlessly integrated into the programs people use daily. The incorporation of financial services can enhance the user experience across a variety of software products, from accounting to expense management.

Comma’s Evolution into an Embedded Finance Solution

Under Weavr, Comma is transitioning to become an embedded finance solution. This allows other software companies to integrate Comma’s features into their own applications, providing the same functionality to their users.

However, as part of this commitment to embedded finance, Weavr will not offer any financial solutions directly to customers. As a result, the Comma app will be shutting down on 30th November 2023.

Appreciation for the Comma Community

The team behind Comma has expressed their deep gratitude towards the community that has supported the platform over the past three years. Each member of this community has been acknowledged and appreciated.

Recommendations for Alternative Payment Apps

In light of the upcoming closure, Comma users seeking a new payment app have been directed towards other providers. These include Crezco, Telleroo, Nook, and Apron.

Ongoing Updates from Weavr

Those interested in staying informed about Weavr’s activities are encouraged to follow the company on LinkedIn for the latest updates.

The closure of the Comma app marks a significant shift, but it also signals the start of a new chapter for the company under the Weavr banner. Customer support remains active and ready to address any inquiries or concerns regarding the closure.

The team at Weavr wishes all Comma users the best with their business endeavors.