Colombian Fintech Plataform Seals First Investment Round

Published 2 months ago

Colombian fintech startup Plataform has successfully closed its first investment round, raising $3 million. The capital was sourced from Skandia Planeación Financiera S.A., the corporate arm of the Skandia Conglomerate for venture capital investments, Progresión Sociedad Comisionista de Bolsa, among others. These investors now form part of the company’s shareholding capital.

Funds to Expand Service Portfolio

Plataform aims to leverage these funds to solidify its service portfolio. The fintech offers services such as confirming, crowdfactoring, banking factoring, and private factoring. It plans to finance more than 100,000 Colombian and regional businesses amounting to a billion dollars in the coming years.

CEO Felipe Tascón stated, “With this investment, we aim to position ourselves as the number one alternative financing option for businesses. Having the backing of these two major companies elevates our market standing and enables us to reach the entire business fabric, from small and medium-sized enterprises to large chains and surfaces.”

Rapid Growth since Inception

Founded in 2022 by Felipe Tascón and Mario Márquez, Plataform has developed an alternative financing model for businesses to gain liquidity through invoice trading. Although the company was introduced to the market only three months ago, it already has a portfolio of businesses that have traded their invoices, both receivable and payable.

This model has allowed these businesses to achieve immediate liquidity without affecting their borrowing capacity. They can access their working capital whenever needed, negotiate high and low denomination invoices, meet obligations like salaries and rents, and purchase raw materials, among other things.

Mario Márquez, COO of the fintech, highlighted that the funds raised in this transaction show that investors see a great opportunity in businesses developing alternative financing models. He added that the boost in electronic billing, coupled with the growth of factoring in Colombia, will allow them to accelerate financing access for more businesses, thereby aiding the growth and development of the economy.