Chilean Property Firm Legria Secures $3.4M Funding

Published 6 months ago

Chilean real estate company, Legria, secured a funding of $3.4 million through Ameris Capital. The funds are intended to enable the company to purchase properties in strategic locations across Chile, including Marbella, Zapallar, Cachagua, Maitencillo, Las Tacas, Villarrica, Pucón, and Lago Ranco.

Expanding Services and Client Base

Legria’s CEO, Ignacio del Río, expressed the company’s desire to extend its services to more people and continue its growth in popular destinations. The company claims that its clients reap the benefits of owning holiday homes at lower costs and with increased convenience.

Quick and Efficient Property Sales

The company distinguishes itself by selling fractional second homes, a process which, according to Legria, is significantly quicker than traditional methods. This unique approach has also reportedly led to a positive trend in the resale value of these fractional shares.

Ameris Capital’s Investment Decision

Ameris Capital representatives shared that their decision to invest in Legria was driven by the company’s potential to positively impact the property market in Chile.

Legria’s Business Model

Legria operates both in Chile and the U.S. (Miami), offering people the opportunity to invest in or own part of luxury properties. The company’s business model revolves around the purchase of a share of a property. This share is legally represented as part of a company that owns the real estate.