Bud Unfurls More Details on AI-Powered Chat Interface 'Jas'

Published 7 months ago

Data intelligence authority, Bud, has shared more information about its innovative personal generative chat interface, Jas. The company believes banks and financial institutions can leverage Jas to boost financial literacy.

Understanding Financial Data Via Conversation

Bud.ai’s AI core powers Jas, the AI assistant that assists not only employees of financial institutions but also consumers in comprehending financial data through conversations. The development and launch of this AI platform were announced by Bud in August this year, alongside the unveiling of Bud.ai, its generative AI core platform.

Addressing the Chatbot Challenge

Bud’s released factsheet about Jas highlights the difficulty faced by banks and financial institutions in creating effective chatbots. The challenges range from AI complexity in transactions, enterprise readiness, model safety, to cost and latency. However, Jas is designed to address these issues by providing a reliable, compliant solution specialized in handling financial data. This can be readily incorporated into the financial infrastructure and promises to deliver deep financial insights with trust and safety, thereby catering to the needs of financial institutions.

Compliance and Enterprise Readiness

The newly released factsheet also throws light on Jas’s capability to maintain compliance by avoiding discussions beyond financial topics. It also emphasizes the ‘enterprise-readiness’ of the chatbot.

Years of Dedicated Work

Ed Maslaveckas, founder and CEO of Bud, expressed his pride in the company’s achievements since 2018. He highlighted the tireless technical and product work that has led to the development of foundational language models utilizing bank data. This effort, according to Maslaveckas, has culminated in the provision of secure, reliable, and personalized generative AI capabilities to their financial services customers without compromising data ethics.

Showcasing Innovation at Open Banking Expo

In the upcoming Open Banking Expo UK and Europe on 18 October, Maslaveckas will showcase how Bud is aiding banks and fintechs in accelerating innovation with AI and Open Banking. George Dunning, Bud’s co-founder and COO, will participate in a Fireside Chat with TransUnion during the event.