Banco BPI and Personetics Launch Pulsoo for SMB Owners

Published about 1 month ago

Banco BPI, a Portuguese bank, alongside Personetics, has disclosed the rollout of Pulsoo, a standalone application designed to assist small and medium business (SMB) owners in managing their enterprises.

An Insightful Business Ecosystem

Pulsoo offers an all-round business insights ecosystem. It delivers updates, hyper-personalized insights, and recommendations specifically catered to the financial literacy level of SMB owners. With a quick consultation and query interface, Pulsoo covers a wide range of issues including current accounts, loans, taxation, fiscal planning, and employee management, among others.

Enhancing Self-Service Capabilities

Pulsoo is a product of BPI’s commitment to focus on the basic role of banks — assisting customers in addressing the financial challenges and needs they encounter daily. It was designed to support the SMEs that make up 90% of all businesses in Portugal. According to Afonso Fuzeta Eça, BPI’s designated Executive Member of the Board, “Pulsoo allows business owners to ask fewer questions to their accountants and bank managers, offering an opportunity for self-service and better company management.”

Partnership with Personetics

The development of Pulsoo was significantly accelerated by Personetics’ AI-based engagement platform. This platform enhances businesses’ payments, receivables, and credit card data, categorizing it in ways that are meaningful for owners. AI, machine learning, and natural language programming models are applied to the enriched data to generate, manage, and deliver hyper-personalized, easy-to-understand insights and recommendations. These are designed to empower business owners to take intelligent, focused action.

A Step Forward for SMEs

Udi Ziv, CEO of Personetics, expressed pleasure at the partnership with BPI for Pulsoo, their first public-facing product. He noted how the personal, AI-driven financial insights and recommendations from Personetics could support SMEs in the Portuguese market. This aligns with BPI’s value-driven approach to innovation, offering advanced analytics and actionable recommendations that can help increase business success.