Argentina Fintech Forum 2023: Key Discussions on Trends, Regulations, and Open Banking

Published 5 months ago
  Argentina Fintech Forum 2023

The Argentine fintech ecosystem is set to shine as the Argentina Fintech Forum 2023 calls upon leaders from the sector to discuss emerging trends, regulations, and the concept of open banking.

A Platform for Growth Amid Economic Crisis

Despite the ongoing economic crisis in Argentina, the fintech ecosystem is showing signs of robust growth. This progress is driven by the difficulties many Argentinians face in accessing traditional financial services, which fintech solutions are designed to alleviate. The Argentina Fintech Forum, organized by the Argentine Fintech Chamber, aims to highlight these dynamics and point out opportunities for the industry both locally and regionally.

An Insightful Gathering of Fintech Leaders

The 2023 edition of the Argentina Fintech Forum is set to take place on the 7th and 8th of November, with one day devoted to a virtual event and the other to in-person discussions. It is expected to bring together an estimated 1,600 participants, more than double the number from last year’s event. Over 60 national and international speakers will be present, providing insights and sharing their expertise.

The forum will also feature representatives from similar organizations from other countries. Fifteen delegations from the countries forming the Ibero-American Fintech Alliance are expected to attend, sharing their perspectives on business evolution in their respective regions.

Key Themes and Speakers

The local fintech industry is diverse, encompassing tools for wealth management, cryptocurrency access, and loans. This year’s forum will tackle several thematic axes, including:

  • Lessons and conclusions from Open Banking in the UK
  • Cybersecurity challenges
  • Marketing strategies and trends in the fintech industry
  • The experience economy: decoding your customers
  • Building a culture in hybrid environments
  • Financial education
  • Digital credit insights in Argentina 2023

The event will also feature a presentation of the ‘Industry Data’ project by the Argentine Fintech Chamber and ITBA.

The in-person event will host discussions on digital payments, open finance, tokenization of real-world assets, fintech as a service, regulatory development in Latin America, digital credit landscape in Argentina, and technology for the development of the Capital Market. Notable speakers will include representatives from NaranjaX, Getnet, Lyra, Mercado Pago, MODO, Bind, Poincenot Tech Studio, Ualá Bis, Koi Ventures, Newtopia VC, 17 Sigma, Slice Token, Tokenize-It, Travel X, Suga, Open Pass, Pomelo, Bitso, and the Argentine Fintech Chamber among others.

The event will conclude with a debate on the future of Argentina’s financial system involving representatives from Ualá, Lemon, Payway, and Global Processing.