Argentina's Crypto Adoption Grows as Tapí and Lemon Form Alliance

Published 9 months ago

Argentina’s adoption of various cryptocurrencies has surged, with an annual growth rate of 20%. This places the nation among the top countries for cryptocurrency adoption, according to a global ranking by Crypto Slate. Cryptocurrencies are being used not only as investment or savings tools but also for everyday payments.

Tapí and Lemon’s Alliance

In response to this growing trend, Tapí, a paytech aiming to transform recurring payment experiences across Latin America, has partnered with the crypto platform Lemon to enhance its product ecosystem and offer new financial solutions.

Through this partnership, Lemon will provide its users with the flexibility to pay for services with either pesos or cryptocurrencies. This service will be straightforward and efficient; users will be able to pay energy, water, phone, internet, education, and many other bills directly from their account balance. Over 4000 services will be available.

“We are proud to continue to be protagonists of the change and modernization of the digital payment infrastructure in the region. Today we celebrate this new alliance with Lemon that allows us to continue revolutionizing the experience of users who use cryptocurrencies in their day to day,” says Kevin Litvin, CBO & Co-Founder of Tapí.

About Tapí

Established at the end of 2021, Tapí’s goal is to build the new regional infrastructure for recurring payments, catering to the needs of fintechs and neobanks. With partnerships like this one, the company becomes the perfect bridge to the fiat world for all crypto wallets in the region.

“With the integration with Tapí, Lemon has the necessary support to create and maintain products that scale at a regional level, serving its more than 2 million users in Latin America without additional development effort,” concludes Litvin.

In an industry where technology dominates and technical resources are scarce, providing regionalism, speed of development, and superior user experience are crucial factors for maintaining competitiveness and scaling products in new markets.

“The alliance with Tapí reinforces our commitment to continue adding value to the crypto ecosystem in people’s daily economy. Thanks to its infrastructure, we have enough support for more than 2 million people to cover their monthly expenses with pesos or cryptocurrencies,” says Maximiliano Raimondi, CFO of Lemon.

Hence, the integration with Tapí is not only a significant achievement for both companies, but it also advances their mission to democratize quality financial services in Argentina.