Apple's Tap to Pay Service Extended to Ukraine

Published 5 months ago

Merchants in Ukraine now have the ability to accept contactless payments using their Apple iPhones. This move eliminates the need for additional hardware, streamlining the payment process.

Apple has expanded its Tap to Pay for iPhone service to Ukraine in partnership with the local payment service provider, PrivatBank. As a result, Ukraine becomes the seventh country to benefit from Apple’s softPOS NFC payments acceptance service.

A Global Expansion

The tech giant’s payment service was initially launched in the USA, Taiwan, and Australia. Its recent expansion has seen the service extend to the UK, the Netherlands, Brazil, and now Ukraine.

Streamlining Payments

The inclusion of Ukraine in the list of supported territories brings Apple’s commitment to facilitating easier, faster, and more secure payment options to the fore. The move is part of a broader trend towards cashless transactions and digital economies, with technology companies playing a vital role in this shift.

The Tap to Pay for iPhone service is transforming the payment processes for businesses, reducing the need for separate card readers or additional hardware. The extended service in Ukraine is a clear indication of Apple’s ongoing efforts to make payments more accessible and convenient for merchants around the world.