Alipay+ Partners with Yapily to Enhance Mobile Payment Solutions

Published 5 months ago

Alipay+, a leading provider of cross-border digital payment and marketing solutions, has unveiled a new partnership with Europe’s prominent open banking platform, Yapily. This collaborative effort aims to delve into the potential of open banking within various mobile payment platforms and improve connectivity between global consumers and merchants.

Expanding Alipay+’s Global Reach

This partnership signifies an essential stride in the expansion of Alipay+’s global partnership program. It is set to expedite the rollout of an even more secure and convenient payment option for numerous European consumers. This new option will supplement the 1.4 billion consumer accounts that Alipay+ has already linked across Asia.

Leveraging Yapily’s Infrastructure

With the support of Yapily’s open banking infrastructure, customers banking with European financial institutions can now make cross-border payments to Alipay+ merchants worldwide, directly from their bank accounts. This development ensures a smooth payment experience with optimal security.

Streamlining Payment Processes

The introduction of account-based payments will optimize Alipay+’s payment process and enhance merchants’ trust. Yapily’s open banking payments infrastructure will be harnessed to jointly develop new solutions with Alipay+. These solutions are intended to give merchants the platform to boost transaction value by engaging customers throughout the purchasing journey and linking them to promotions and value-added services.

For merchants, Yapily’s open banking payments structure promises scalability and resilience to deliver service excellence to consumers. Moreover, it provides the necessary business agility to further innovate in the payment and retail sectors worldwide.

The Future of Open Banking in Europe

Stefano Vaccino, CEO and Founder of Yapily, remarked that open banking offers substantial potential to enhance the experience for both merchants and consumers in making and receiving cross-border payments. Meanwhile, Alipay+’s head of development in Europe, Pietro Candela, expressed enthusiasm about the upcoming collaboration with Yapily and the development of new payment solutions that offer heightened value and convenience to European consumers and global merchants.